Welcome to "The Center of Cultural Exchange

between Japan and Russia".


Victoria and Larisa


Our organization was founded in 1978. It was named "The Kanagawa central branch of Japan and USSR friendship society". Our organization has organized movements for collaborations with people of Soviet Union ( Russia) since then. We have given a lot of concerts (artists from Moscow, Vladivostok, Vologda, and Litova) and exhibitions of children's pictorial arts. And we have delegated members of our organization and students to Russia and other countries which were formaly included soviet union. In 1992 the name was changed into "The Kanagawa central branch of the society of Japan-Russia". In 1999, our organization was registered with The Japanese government by "The Low to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities" and its name was changed into "The Center of Cultural Exchange between Japan and Russia"


1. Exchanging artists, scholars, and citizens between Russia and Japan. 2. Sending students to Russian educational Institution. 3. Giving concerts and exhibitions of Russian arts. 4. Reserching Russian sicientific, cultural and educational informations, and its disclosure. 5. Sending tourists from Japan. 6. Publishing.

The management board--

Chairman of the board Hiraoka Sachio Vice-chairman of the board Onami Shuji Director of Cultural movement Takatsuka Masahiko Director of movement for Yokohama regions. Sato Toshiro Director of movement for Kanagawa central regions.Seno Hisanobu Director of regions Business Nojima Takao Director of Teaching Russian Language Togashi Natalia Inspector Hiasa Shiro

Honorary members---

Leonid Gamza The japan representative of "The Russian center for International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation at the Government of the Russian Federation" Evgeny Kruchina Member of the Board, Secretary in Charge of "The Russia-Japan Society " Inna Kovalenko Specialist of Foreign affairs of " The Primorie branch of The Russian Cultural Foundation"


Japan 243-0414 Kanagawa prf. Ebina city Sugikubo 1865-26 Tel& Fax 81-46-238-3311 Email hira8128@peach.ocn.ne.jp Home page http://www2c.airnet.ne.jp/jarucul/index.HTML

Recent plan and movement--

Every Monday Open the school for Russian language in the city of Yokohama. Every Month Sending students to Russian Institute. March or April 2000 Inviting girls chorus groupe from Vladibostok and giving concert. June 2000 Benevolent concert by Russian young musicians from Moscow. April or May 2000 Delegating members of our center. November 2000 Cooperative concert of Japanese citizens with Russian and American in the city of Tokorozawa. December 2000 Cooperative concert of Japanese citizens with Russian and American in the city of Zama.

RINKs to Japan

The Japanese Embassy in Moscow KABUKI Japanese traditional drama GAGAKU Japanese Classical music in the court UKIYOE Japanese classical print Classicul Japanese Literature TOKYO guide KYOTO Architecture in KYOTO National museum of KYOTO NARA HIROSHIMA-Atomic-Bomb museum NAGASAKI-A-Bomb museum NAGASAKI

The information from the Russia Japan society (Moscow)


 The Ministry of Posts and Communications has been conducting "The
Letter-Writing Contest" since 1968 for the purpose of promoting
letter-writing culture and cultivating warm-hearted children through the
written communication.

 The foreigners have also been welcomed since 1999 for application as the
number of foreigners who are studying Japanese language has increased

 We are waiting for your wonderful letters.

1. Contents of the entry

(1) Style and theme
a. Any letter-style composition destined to a teacher, friend,
relatives, family members, a person respected, etc. or a composition or
essay concerning the memory of an impressive letter
b. The theme is free.

(2) Condition of volume
The composition should consist of 2 to 3 pages of the uniform manuscript
papers (400 characters).
In case of using other papers, between 800 to 1,200 letters.

(3) Way of application
Fill the Application Form below, attach it together with your entry and
send to:
Japan Pen Friend Club, Letter-writing Contest, 4-5-16 Yushima, Bunkyoku,
Tokyo 113-8701, Japan
* It is possible for schools to send more than two applications in one
* Please copy the Application Form for application.
* The composition without the application form cannot be accepted.

(4) Deadline date
The application should be posted on or before August 31, 2000.

2. Qualification of the applicant

Non-Japanese living in Japan or overseas countries (No condition for the

3. Prize

The Minister Prize, President of the Japan Pen Friend Club Prize, etc.
(Prize for participation will be given to all the applicants).

4. Announcement of the Winners

December 2000




Name____________________________________________________ Age (_______)*



* Please write clearly in block letters in English.


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