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MMC 951 Soya class

Built to replace AMC 491 Erimo, in addition to the primary role as a mine-layer, she was also flagship to the Mine Sweeping Flottila and mine sweeper tender. She has been replaced by MST 463 Uraga. Shares the basic design with MST 462 Hayase.

Technical Data

Standard Displacement 2150t
Length 99.00m
Beam 15.00m
Draught 4.20m
Machine Type 4 Kawasaki-MAN V6V22/30ATL Diesel
Output 6400PS
Number of shaft 2
Speed 18kt
Crew 180


  Original Refit (1988)
Guns 1 Type 68/Mk 33 3in/50(II)
2 Mk10 20mm MG(I)
1 Type 68/Mk 33 3in/50(II)
2 JM 61 20mm Gutling Gun(I)
AS Weapons 2 Type 68/Mk32 TT(II)
1 Type 1 Mine Layer set
as left
Electronic Equipment 1 OPS-14 AS Radar
1 OPS-17 SS Radar
1 Type 72 GFCS
SQS-11A Sonar
ZQS-1B Sonar
as left


Name Laid Down Launched Completed Deleted
MMC 951 Soya 1970/07/09 1971/03/31 1971/09/30 1996/11/29