The Gion Float Festival in Kyoto Japan

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Naginata Hoko Tsuki Hoko Tsuki Hoko Tsuki Hoko Tsuki Hoko
Yama Tsuki Hoko Tsuki Hoko Tsuki Hoko TKikusui Hoko
Toro Yama Toro Yama Kanko Hoko Kanko Hoko Tsuki Hoko
Hakuga Yama Yama Kikusui Hoko Tsuki Hoko Tsuki Hoko

The Gion festival in Kyoto which is one of the three Japanese grand festivals is the festival of Yasaka shrine. Various festival events are performed over the long period of time for 30 days from July 1. The highlight is the yamahoko-junko on July 17. Very colorful Yamaboko floats passes through a main street.

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