JR old Hukuchiyama dead line in Japan

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Toda tunnel Old rail line Watch stage Muko stream Kitayama tunnel 1
Kitayama 1 Raiway sign Flower Raiway sign Old rail line
Mukogawa br. 2 Old rail line Retaining wall Nagaoyama 2 Nagaoyama tunnel 3

Although JR Takarazuka line was a trunk of JR West Japan which operates around 106.5km between Sasayamaguchi from Amagasaki, along the mountain stream of Muko river was run from the Namaze station up to the Dojo station till 1986. Being able to do the new line of the tunnel subject by double-tracked electrification, the old line along a Muko river mountain stream turned into a discontinued line. The part is wide opened as a promenade still now.

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