Temples in Saho road (Nara Japan)

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Hutaiji Temple Main hall Taho-to pagoda Stone stupa Garden
Kairyuoji Temple Main hall Saikondo hall Five-story pagoda Five-story pagoda
Five-story pagoda Tokondo ruins Hokkeji Temple Main hall Goma hall

There is Hokkeji Monzeki temple to abuts against of the road that extends straight to the west of Tegai-mon gate of Todaiji Temple. Now, it is called a Ichijodori, in the remnants of Ichijyo Oji of Heijokyo, this road is said to have Saho road there are temples and historic sites along the way. North as Nara Palace Site called the Saki road, road leading west from Hokkeji temple has become the hiking trails there are ancient tombs such as Ten'noryo.
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