How to Free-View Stereo Pairs


What the photograph for the right eye and the left eye becomes two sheets of pair is called a stereo pair, it feels the depth as the steeroscopic photograph and it can be solidly seen.
Let's begin practice.

There is free view which attempts not to use the way to let through a stereo glasses and the tool to attempt let in the stereo pair. The free view is extremely convenient when acquiring a way that it is always possible to see anywhere.

There are a parallel method and an intersection method in the point of view of the stereoscopic photograph.The cross-eyed viewing can see limitation with the photograph which is not and is big to the size of the photograph.The parallel eye viewing suits small one because it is difficult when theinterval gets widely too much.Either becomes made if accustomed.
Let's begin practice.

Parallel eye Viewing

The practice of the parallel eye viewing moves consciousness to the picture on the display after considering the one which is in the distance such as the wall behind for a while from the top of the display like the figure.In the beginning, it is dim but two sheets of pictures get to pile up when controlling a distance between the face as it saw the back and the display. There is focus when seeing just as it is and it becomes able to be clearly seen.

Attempt to practice with the picture below.It succeeds if the part (thin light blue partial) at the square center of the picture rushes back and can have been seen. It becomes an cross-eyed viewing if hollow oppositely and it seems that it is possible to be seen.
In case of the parallel eye viewing, it is difficult to adjust a view line above the distance (the ordinariness is 60-70 mm) between the left eye and the right eye but the practice becomes able to make.

The one to have seemed to be stereoscopic viewing successfully more in the pattern above let's practice with the photograph. Attempt to practice by the same point with the following photograph.

Is it possible to have been successfully seen?

Cross-eyed viewing

It sees an Cross-eyed viewing with the coming eyes.It makes a ring with thumb and forefinger between the display and the face like the figure and it sees a display through this ring.。Bringing the position where the picture in the right can be seen by the left eye the ring of the finger by the picture on the left side with the right eye about the one eye at first. The picture seems to be stereoscopic when gazing at the center of the ring with both eyes.It excludes a hand when two sheets of pictures pile up and can be seen. It is success when seeming to be stereoscopic even if it excludes a hand.
There is focus immediately when accustomed and it gets to seem to be stereoscopic viewing. It seems to be already rolled with the bigger photograph by the cross-eyed viewing.

Well, attempt to practice with the following picture. It is success if the sphere can be seen by rushing out of the solid frame.

The one to have seemed to be solid successfully more in the pattern above let's practice with the photograph. Attempt to practice by the same point with the following photograph.
See for the red circle in the upper part to pile up.

Is it possible to have been successfully seen?
Practicing anywhere.

1. It uses a coin.
Let's attempt to do the practice which places two sheets of coins on the desk.Because it is the same coin, it doesn't seem to be stereoscopic but it is the way of practicing which is easily made anywhere.
The coin seems to be three when looking absentmindedly in the feelings as it sees the bottom of the desk. At first, it is possible to be absentmindedly seen, but the focus suits when seeing just as it is and can be clearly seen.
Let's expand the interval of the coin if it is possible to have been seen. The focus gets to suit with gradually the wide one.
The way of practicing to have used this coin can be used for the intersection method in addition to the parallel viewing. The cross-eyed viewing gets to seem to make the interval of the coin wide and to roll already.
In the interval of the eyes on either side, it is from 60 to about 70 mm but the focus gets to suit even if it separates a parallel method by equal to or more than 100 mm by the practice.It doesn't know even if it does impossibility too much and the eyes become strange.

2. It uses one in the house.
If there is a place which the wallpaper of the repeat pattern with the same pattern has been pasted in to the wall in the house, it is possible to do the practice of the cross-eyed viewing. The pattern can attempt to finish emerging. It places one part to be seeing with the eyes on either side, and the place both near and far sense is different from two coals when changing and can be seen. It is possible to be seen with a rough face when there is a print pace difference.

It becomes the practice material of the view of the one which is in the house.
3. In the town.

The tiles are clapped on to the walkway and the park. Let's attempt to see these tiles in the cross-eyed viewing. The tiles can attempt to surface. When there is a place where a pace is shifted, it is possible to become hollow, to rush out and to be un-uniform seen.

There is a place where the window with the same size stands in line if there are a building and a condominium. Let's attempt to regard this part as being solidness in the cross-eyed viewing.

It is much when seeing a place with the repeat pattern which is in the mood.It always becomes possible to do stereo view momentarily anywhere if loading a practice. When becoming so, various discoveries and a new use are found out.

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