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Toju's hometown in Japan

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Toju shrine Toju shrine Stoned dog Yomei Garden
Stone figure Bower Toju gate Garden inside
Plaster wall Window School gate Old formroom

It is the birth ground of Toju Nakae (1608-1648) which was scholar in early stages of an Edo time in the Shiga prefecture Adogawa-cho. There is a Toju shrine which deifies Toju Nakae. There is an Omi Saint Toju commemoration hall which is exhibiting the elegance connected with him and the article left by the departed. Yomei garden which adjoins Toju shrine is the China formula garden built in commemoration of the friendship exchange with China Zhejiang to which O-yomei (1472-1528) was born, and the Shiga prefecture Adogawa-cho.

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