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Gion Festival yoiyoiyama (Kyoto Japan)

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Tuki-hoko float Naginata-Hoko Naginata-Hoko Toro-yama
Shijokasa-hoko Stall Chimaki sales Aburatenjin-yama
Aburatenjin-yama Aburatenjin-yama Meeting place Taishi-yama float

The floats in the Yoiyama Parade are divided into two groups, Hoko and Yama, and are collectively called Yamaboko. There are 9 of the larger Hoko and 23 of the smaller Yama which carry life-size figures of famous and important people. All the floats are decorated with beautiful tapestries both from Nishijin and imported from all over the world. In addition to the art, there are many traditional musicians and artists sitting in the floats.
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