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Shitennoji Temple Cherry blossoms (Osaka Japan)

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Droop cherry blossoms Droop cherry blossoms Japanese garden Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms
Hall Pond and cherry Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms 5-Storied Pagoda
Garden lantern Suien Rokuji-do hall Turtles Privy postern

Shitenno-ji Temple is a buddhist temple built by Shotokutaishi in 593 years of the first year of Empress Suiko. The cathedral is arrangement said, "Shitenno-ji Temple type". An inside gate, Five-Storied Pagoda, the central hall, and the hall are displayed straight toward from the south to the north, and one of the oldest in Japan style of architectures in the form with which the corridor encloses it. Five-Storied Pagoda, the central hall, and the hall are rebuilt in the ferro-concrete building, and the building specified for the important cultural asset remains, too.
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