Stereoscopic Photo

The vicinity of Osaka temple town (Osaka Japan)

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Isshin-ji Temple Isshin-ji Temple Isshin-ji Temple Isshin-ji Temple
Syoman-in Temple Syoman-in Temple Syoman-in Temple Mtsuya-machi view
Manpukuji Temple Shinko-ji Temple Reien-ji Temple Reien-ji Temple

There is an accumulating area in the buddhist temples in the west side of Uemachi plateau in Osaka City. The Buddhist temples are made to relocate to the suburbs when the arrangement reorganization around Osaka Castle, and make the temple town. There are slopes said, "Tennoji 7 slopes", too and ups and downs are large points. It understands well though it is done that the buddhist temple has combined with the graveyard as when seeing in the photograph of the Google earth.
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