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Furukawa Float Festival (Hida Japan)

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Floats lined Floats in square Ryuteki-tai float Sanko-tai float Seiryu-tai float
Kagura-tai float Dancers Wind-up doll Wind-up doll Child Kabuki
Lion Dance Cockfight music Portable shrine Brook & carp Cherry blossom

The festival of Hida, Takayama floats festival is famous. The Furukawa near Takayama, there is Furukawa floats festival 9 floats groups to parade. There are performances of wind-up doll, the children staged kabuki in floats. This year, Yomatsuri was aborted rain is likely to get off. Float and events Okoshi taiko (drams) Furukawa Festival has been designated as an important intangible folk cultural assets.
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