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Entsu-in (Miyagi Japan)

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Front Approach Imamiya Shrine Main Shrine Hall of worship Kaguraoka Shrine
Wakamiya Shrine Kamitatsu Shrine Kaso Shrine Kaso Shrine Yamakage Shrine
Daigengu Shrine Daigengu Shrine Sanjya Shrine Takenaka Inari Shrine A monument

 Entsu-in is a Buddhist temple located in the town of Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Belonging to the Myoshin-ji-branch of Rinzai Zen, it was founded in 1647 next to Zuigan-ji as the memorial temple for Date Mitsumune, the grandson of Date Masamune. The temple is noted for its rose gardens. The temple also has a Japanese garden attributed to Kobori Enshu.

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