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Yoshida Shrine (Kyoto Japan)

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Front Approach Imamiya Shrine Main Shrine Hall of worship Kaguraoka Shrine
Wakamiya Shrine Kamitatsu Shrine Kaso Shrine Kaso Shrine Yamakage Shrine
Daigengu Shrine Daigengu Shrine Sanjya Shrine Takenaka Inari Shrine A monument

 Yoshida shrine is a quiet shrine in Yoshida hill of Yoshida-Kaguraoka in Kyoto. This shrine was founded as a protectorate god in Heiankyo at 859. Kanetomo Yoshida founded Yoshida Shinto at 1469-1487 in the late Muromachi Period. In the Edo era, the Yoshida family had great power given the right to appoint and release priests throughout the country.

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