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Chion-in Temple (kyoto Japan)

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New gate Main gate Pillars of gate Miei-do hall Amitabha hall
Buke-mon gate Karamon gate Reception hall Santei garden Seishi-do hall
Mausoleum Lotus pond Grate bell tower Kuromon gate Sapindus mukorossi

 Chion-in temple is the headquarters of the Jodo sect founded by Honen (1133-1212). The original temple was built in 1234 by Honen's disciple, Genchi (1183-1238) in memory of his master and was named Chion-in. Numerous buildings in the complex were burnt down in 1633, but were entirely rebuilt by the third Tokugawa shogun Iemitsu (1604-1651) with the palatial structures that stand today.

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