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Konchi-in temple (Kyoto Japan)

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Spiral Brick Tunnel Gejyo gate Main gate Priest's quarter Akechi gate
Benten pond Tosyogu gate Sukashi gate Hall of worship Tosyogu shrine
Onari-mon gate Main hall Turu-kame garden Kaizan hall Inside of Kaizan hall

 Konchi-in temple was restored around 1600 by Ishin Suden (1569-1633). The priest's chamber was moved here from the suburban Fushimi Castle. The Tosyogu shrine, designated an important cultural assett along with the priest's chamber and the tea room, was built in 1628 by Ishin Suden in accordance with the will of the Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa (1542-1616).

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