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Zuihoden (Sendai Japan)

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Entrance Nehanmon gate Nehanmon gate Nehanmon gate Karamon gate
Hokyointo Zuihoden Zuihoden Thurible Kansenden gate
Kansenden Zennoden Itabi stone Stone lantern Monument

 At the start of the Edo Period(1603-1867), Date Masamune promoted local industry, economy,and culture as the first feudal lord of Sendai-han. Masamune passed away in 1636 at the age of 70, and according to his last will and testament, Zuihoden was built for him here the following year. Zuihoden was constructed in the very gorgeous japanese architectural style known as Momoyama and was designated as a national treasure, however, the original Zuihoden was burnt down in the war.
 The present building was rebuilt in 1979 and subsequently repaired in 2001 to more closelyresemble the original mausoleum.

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