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Shimogamo Shrine (Kyoto Japan)

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Romon gate Hashi hall Chyumon gate Shinpuku-den Taikobashi Bridge
Mitarashi Pond Hiraki Shrine Kugosyo house Mitsui Shrine Oidono house
Oven Ura corridor Hippodrome Itsukinomiya Shrine Kawai Shrine

 Shimogamo Shrine in Japanese, is the common name of an important Shinto sanctuary in the Shimogamo district of Kyoto city's Sakyo ward. Its formal name is Kamo-mioya-jinja. Shimogamo is dating to the 6th century, centuries before Kyoto became the capital of Japan (794, see Heian-kyo). Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto which have been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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