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Pilgrimage to Eight Shrines (Kobe Japan)

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1st Shrine 1st Shrine 2nd Srine 2nd Srine 3rd Srine
3rd Srine 4th Srine 4th Srine 5th Srine 5th Srine
7th Srine 7th Srine 8th Srine 8th Srine 6th Srine

 There are eight shrines to the east of the former urban area of Kobe, an area broadly under the protection of Ikuta-jinjya Shrine. The shrines are called subordinate shrines of Ikuta-jinjya Shrine. Since ancient times, it has been a custum to visit the Eight Shrines on the day before the calendric beginning of spring to drive out evil spints and pray for good fortune, and many people still make a pilgrimage to the Eight Shrines and cillect shrine red seals.

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