The biggest Buddhist temple in the town
Daiyuzan Saijo-ji Temple (Doryoson):

Founded in 1394, this temple is the third highest in status in the Buddhist Soto Sect (Zen temple), outranked only by Eihei-ji in Fukui and Soji-ji in Tsurumi.
As one legend goes, a priest named Doryo, who contributed to the founding of the temple, transformed himself into a "tengu", a fabulous long-nosed creature with magical powers (click the photo to see him), and hid deep in the mountains. As a "tengu", he came to be called "Doryoson".
Even today, numerous "geta" (wooden clogs) are found in the temple precincts as special offerings in memory of Doryo.
The approach to the temple is thickly lined with cedar trees more than 500 years-old (a prefectural natural monument). --T. K.
June, 1995

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