The biggest (only one) railway in the town
Daiyuzan Line.
Only one line in the town. Single-tracked.
It connects between Odawara, which is the biggest city in the area, and the city center called "Daiyuzan". The distance in between is only 10 km and 21 mimutes ride. The train runs every 12 minutes. No accidents and no competition whatsoever.

Dr. William Angus of Philips Medical Systems, one of my business associates and a good friend too, often visited this area and took this train. He called it "Milk Train". According to his criticism, he has never seen such a friendly train in the world. It stops at every corner of the street, even stops at the backyard of a private house, where a housewife is washing the clothes.

Now, the train carries a "Kintaro" plate in the front, advertising "Ashigara Kintaro festival".

When you plan to come to Minami-ashiagra from Odawara, do not take a bus or a taxi. Take the Daiyuzan train and enjoy it.
--T. K.
AUGUST, 1995

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