Harpoon II JMSDF Data

While Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) is a relatively large naval force in the world, it is my opinion that they are not properly portraid in most of the naval PC games, namely Harpoon II. Thanks to many working on HUD-II, this has been fixed to a certain extent. But some of the information seen on major reference book can still be mistaken.
Following is my version of JMSDF data based on 99/5/20 version of HUD-II edited using "H2 Database Builder v1.1" (Access 97 version) Please note I have not updated the X-section data and some of the sensor input/output data as the original HUD-II is currently in process of updating that portion.
The data  are not fully tested so there are sure to be some bugs, please send any feedback to kei_REMOVE_THIS_hirao@tk.airnet.ne.jp.