Kintaro Milk
Kintaro Yogurt
found at near-by super-market.

I believe that they are ordinary milk and yogurt.......
However, due to the magic of "Kintaro" character, they look delicious and healthy. Don't you think so??

Only available at the local super-market.

Station Lunch Box

First food style lunch box is very popular here in Japan. Especially when you travel the country by train, you can enjoy eating "Eki-ben (Station First-food Box)" on board. Many local stations carry "Eki-ben" of local color.
Here at Odawara station, the famous "Kintaro" Eki-ben is popular among visitors to Kintaro village.
Inside the box, you will see steamed rice topped with assorted local vegetables, fish, processed foodstuffs and so on.
Delicious ! ....900 yen.

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