Various Local Kintaro Legends

A new book was published on various Kintaro legends collected all over the country!!!
"Kintaro" is very popular here in Japan. Therefore, many people insist "My town or my village is the native place of Kintaro, and they show histrical evidences of Kintaro, true or false.

Now, volunteers here in Minami-ashigara collected all those different stories scattered all over Japan (21 places), and published a (288 pages) book with plenty of photographs.
Price of the book is only 1000yen ($10).
Unfortunately, it is written in Japanese. Sorry, no plan to be translated into English.
Those who are interested in the book, please contact Education Program Office of Minami-ashigara city.

From April 18, 1998 issue of TOWN NEWS (Ashigara Edition)

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