Nijo Castle (Nijyo-jo) in kyoto Japan

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Southeast corner turret Ninomaru Palace Kara-mon gate Kara-mon details Ninomaru garden
Yaguramon gate Carriage porch Castle tower ruins Nakashikiri gate Momoyama gate
Minami-mon gate Minami gate(outer) Kita otemon gate Southwest corner turret Plum grove

The castle was originally built in 1603 as the official Kyoto residence of the first Tokugawa Syogun, Ieyasu. It was completed in 1626 by the third Tokugawa Syogun, Iemitsu, with the addition of some structure transferred from Fushimi Castle (built in the Momoyama period; 1573-1614). Nijyo Castle is one of the finest examples of early Edo period and Momoyama culture in Japan, as it makes splendid use of early Edo period building designs, lavish paintings, and carvings that Iemitsu generously commissioned.
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