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3D topographical map

Last update Aug.10.2006

Tokai and Kanto area in Japan

The topographical map of this page consists of 460x460 pixels. It will disturb, if screen size is not 1000 pixels or more in width. If wide range geographical feature is Viewing 3D, geographical feature will appear and go up vividly. In a plane topographical map, the feature which is not known is known well.
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Mt.Amagi Mt.Ashitaka Izu city South Izu Mt.Fuji
Mt.Kumotori Hachijo Is. Tanzawa Hakone Chichibu
Mt.Chichibu Mt.Haruna Mt.Akagi Mt.Hotaka Mt.Nantai

This figure is 3D CG created by its own program based on the altitude data of "Digital Map 50m Grid (Elevation)" of "Geographical Survey Institute Government of Japan issue."

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Topography contents about Digital Map in Japan Home