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About Digital Map in Japan
+Digital Map is offered by the Geographical Survey Institute, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as map information on digitized data. Digital Map has various kinds and the information published as the topographical map printed [ public building / administrative districts, such as geographical information and administration information, a road, a railroad, ] and a geographical-features figure is contained.
+About altitude data, there are "Digital Map 50m Grid (Elevation)" and "Digital Map 250m Grid (Elevation)" in Digital Map, "Digital Map 50m Grid (Elevation)" consists of data by which 1 A file is equivalent to one 1/25,000 topographical map with the data of 200x200, and the Japan whole country is covered.

3D Map
+When making a topographical map using the Elevation data of Digital Map, create the figure classified by color with altitude after rectifying length in every direction, and attach the shade so that it may become three-dimensional legible. Azimuth difference is processed for the figure which attached this shade with altitude, and the figure for the object for right eyes and left eyes is created.
+What was created this time was calculated as watched with the azimuth difference of 1,600m from the altitude of 10,000m. Although it differs from what was seen from one point like an aerial photograph strictly since it has calculated as seen from right above about each pixel, the display range can be Viewing(ed) 3D correctly.

Topographical map-related Web
+ The Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) - The organization of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is just going to perform Japan's survey and creation of a map. Various information about a map is released. Perusal of a map can be performed and there is also service of 3D Viewing. Perusal of an aerial photo is also possible.
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