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Minami-ashigara is one of the smallest cities in Japan, located 60 km west of Tokyo, just outside of the Hakone National Park, famous hot spring resort.

The serene and picturesque city of Minami-ashigara, rich in greenery and water, lies at the foot of Hakone's somma, whose highest peak is Mount Kintoki (1,213m).

According to historical records such as the "Kojiki", the first Japanese history compiled in the year 712, the Minami-ashigara district served as a key traffic point, with the official Ashigara Road connecting the capital "Kyoto" and the eastern provinces. Culture from th capital was disseminated to those same provinces over the Ashigara Pass along the road. The city abounds in historic landmarks and legends, and this is reflected in the many poems written by travelers which appear in such anthologies as the "Manyoshu" compiled in 779.

The city is well known as the home of "Kintaro", the strong but gentle hero of a famous folk tale, "Kintaro of Mt. Ashiagra".

Come to virtual Minami-ashigara and enjoy "Kintaro Village".

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