Syugakuin rikyu imperial villa (Kyoto Japan)

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Omote-somon Miyuki-mon gate Jyugetsukan Jyugetsukan Pine-lined path
Front gate Middle Villa Rakusi-ken Rakusi-ken Wooden panels Shelf of mist
Onari gate View from Rinun-tei Kaede bridge Kyusui-tei Chitose bridge

In 1659, Syugakuin Rikyu Imperial Villa was completed at the foot of Mt.Hiei in northeast Kyoto, under the command of the retired Emperor Gomizuno-o. Through now it consists of three villa, the Middle Villa still did not exist at that time. Having a big pond called "Dragon's Bathing Pond" as a center, surrounded be a garden path, the Upper Villa is expanded in an excursion style.
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